Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Q and A’s

Q – Will this course certify me as a Prenatal Yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance?
A –  No.  The Yoga Alliance has now changed its requirements to 85 hours for Prenatal Yoga. The Yoga Alliance is not a certification body, they are only a teacher/school registry. Schools, nor teachers are certified by Yoga Alliance

Q – Will this course teach me everything I need to know to teach Prenatal Yoga to the pregnant population and how to accommodate that “one lone” pregnant woman who walks into my mixed levels class?
A – Yes. If you are a 200 hr Yoga teacher yes it will.

Q – Does this course cover all of the latest applications of both Prenatal and Postnatal yoga?
A – Yes.

Q – Can I use the hours spent in this course towards Continuing Education units for the Yoga Alliance?
A – Yes.

Q – Does this training come with a certificate?
A – Yes

Q – How often will you be doing these trainings?
A – Monthly and/or by request, or, through Skype /Face-time – (in my space at the historic St.Luke’s Court – 309 E Corvovda in Vancouver.  Email me to inquire / get on a waiting list.

Q – Will I add to my skill set as a teacher even if I don’t specialize, or plan on teaching Prenatal yoga?
A – Yes absolutely.  Learning how to teach Prenatal yoga will greatly add to the skill set of a teacher in many ways. You will learn modifications, contraindications and breathing practices that are safe and helpful for many conditions that are not only found in the pregnant/postpartum population.

Q – Will this training cover “safe and effective core work/ diastasis recti and pelvic floor health”?
A -Yes it will. Many people have an outdated notion of what the “core” really is. This training has a comprehensive segment on the core, pelvic floor, and possible dysfunction, rehab and resources.

Yoga teachers who take this training will have the skills/know how to teach prenatal yoga afterwards or accommodate the pregnant student (s) who wander into their class and it will definitely remove the fear of teaching pregnant women.

Many Midwives, Doulas, Physiotherapists, Massage therapists , along with pregnant women etc. have loved this training as well. Open to anyone who is familiar with yoga.

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