Midwives Association of British Columbia: http://www.bcmidwives.com/
The MABC educates the public about midwifery care while supporting the growing number of midwives across the province. Registered Midwives are a funded part of the health care system in BC and are experts in normal birth.

Canadian Association of Midwives: http://www.canadianmidwives.org/
The Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) is the national organization representing midwives and the profession of midwifery in Canada. The mission of CAM is to provide leadership and advocacy for midwifery as a regulated, publicly funded and vital part of the primary maternity care system in all provinces and territories.

International Confederation of Midwives: http://www.internationalmidwives.org/
The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) supports, represents and works to strengthen professional associations of midwives throughout the world. There are currently 108 national Midwives Associations, representing 98 countries across every continent.

Pomegranate Midwives: http://www.pomegranate-midwives.com/
Pomegranate Community Midwives started as a vision. We wanted to have a space where women and families could receive comprehensive midwifery care, attend classes geared towards pregnancy and beyond, benefit from complementary therapy and make meaningful connections with their community.

Westside Midwives: http://www.westsidemidwives.com/
We are a small group of midwives providing maternity care to healthy women and their families during the childbearing year. As registered midwives, we offer holistic, individualized, evidence-based care during pregnancy, labour, birth and the first six weeks after your baby is born.

Open Door Midwifery: http://www.opendoormidwifery.ca/
At Open Door Midwifery you will find an intimate group of registered midwives with diverse backgrounds who support each other while practicing and pursuing our professional and personal interests.

Commercial Drive Midwives: http://www.commercialdrivemidwives.com/
We are an established midwifery clinic that provides complete and personalized care to families through all stages of pregnancy, labour, birth and to six weeks postpartum.

Bloom Community Midwives: http://www.bloomcommunitymidwives.com/
We have created a space in the heart of downtown Vancouver dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive midwifery, breastfeeding and preconception care for women and their families. 

Midwifery Today: http://www.midwiferytoday.com
The heart and science of birth.

Vancouver Midwife Directory: www.midwivesinvancouver.ca

Pacific Midwifery Practice:

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