No more Friday baby & Me Yoga at the Roundhouse for the time being.

Happy Fall! (for yoga schedule please scroll down)

First off, the Friday Baby & Me Yoga class is no more for the time being, but Thursday is still going on and is loads of fun 🙂
Secondly, I am thrilled to be soon starting up another Prenatal Yoga class very soon at 6th Avenue and Granville. I love the location, and the place is just amazing. Really stunning, and all round super cool. It’s a Detox lounge called Splurge Bodyworks Detox Lounge. More details to come, and dates and times TBA. I am really excited!
I am off to the glorious Convention Centre under the sails for the Yoga Pilates Conference, and it promises to be incredible.
All Yoga/Pilates lovers in town should check it out. I’ll let you know how it goes. I have signed up for countless workshops the next 4 days.
I am not much of a blogger. (A huge Facebooker haha..) but not the biggest blogger as you can tell. It is mainly out of not really knowing the in’s and out’s of blogging.
I have decided to give it a whirl very soon though! Learning to blog is next on my agenda.
Have a beautiful weekend! And maybe I’ll see you at the Yoga Convention (Oct 2-5) here in Vancouver.
Take Care & Bye for now,

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