No classes with me for a week (and a day)

There has been some confusion lately about which days I will be off on vacation. (haha..the confusion has been all mine!)
I booked off some dates months and months ago to go on a trip I am no longer going on. I have been debating whether to keep my classes going or to take the week off, and I decided to go with the week off.
Not sure what I’ll do or where i’ll go..
Although many of my students don’t want me to take my week off, haha.. my gut is telling me to, so I will. Who knows what’s in store for that week? Maybe I will get away for a couple of days after all? The garden perhaps? (I have been totally been slacking in the garden department)
Or maybe just loads and loads of glorious yoga for me?? That would be a treat.
Anyways, there is so much research on the benefits of a vacation and I am planning on reaping some of those benefits next week from Tuesday June 8 until Wednesday June 16. I’ll be missing my classes though rest assured.
Maybe I’ll even run into some of you during my little “vacation”
Namaste & hugs to you,
P.S. How long has it been since you’ve had a vacation?

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