How would you like to be walking down the street and bang, outta the blue…

Someone rides up on their bike and hands you a gift? And it’s a beautiful piece of art? Sounds like a dream to me! A really amazing dream!

what is Papergirl?

Papergirl is an art project from Berlin. In the style of American paper-boys, rolled art pieces will be distributed by bicycle in the streets of Vancouver to random passers-by.

Art should be accessible to everyone. That is the spirit behind Papergirl, the pedal-powered and volunteer ridden project that combines art, philanthropy, and bikes!

A redefinition of street art, Papergirls volunteer cyclists criss cross the city delivering art directly into the hands of perfect strangers. From August 22 to 27 the Roundhouse Community Center will display an assortment of donated artworks before the art is bundled up and given away on the street. It’s the art of giving away art.

Like the Facebook page here and tell your artist friends! Send in your submissions! More info can be found at the Roundhouse website here

The official Papergirl links are PapergirlBerlin and PapergirlUSA !

Can’t wait 🙂

You can never have too much art or culture or generosity or just plain coolness in a city in my opinion! Tell your friends and spread the love, and the art!

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