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Happy Halloween!

What a gorgeous fall we are having! Whew!
I can hardly believe it.
Lot’s of new stuff going on Yoga wise for me…
I’m still reeling from that fabulous Yoga Pilates Conference I attended earlier in the month. I attended workshops with countless Teachers of all different styles and backgrounds. Some I had practiced with before, and for others it was my very first time with them. Rodney Yee, Sadie Nardini, Maria Garre, Jason Crandell, Margot McKinnon and Martin Kirk are just some of the fabulous Teachers I was able to learn from during those four days. I spent 12 hours a day there and loved every second of it. Can’t wait til next year!

First off, the brand spankin’ new Mt.Pleasant Community Centre has finally taken shape, and will be opening November 9th! I’ll miss the old place, but the new centre promises to be spectacular!

The new Mt.Pleasant is located at #1 Kingsway @7th. (Main and Broadway basically) So it’s very easy to get to. Transit everywhere etc.
Just got word that The Roundhouse ‘may’ be closed from the end of January until March for the Olympics. It is not a done deal yet, and they may still keep some programs running on a drop-in basis. I’ll keep ya posted!
I might be looking to rent another Yaletown location when the time comes. (it’s still a ways off) Or may just move classes to various students workout rooms/gyms/aerobics rooms in their buildings/condo’s etc.
Sooooo….if you wanted Yoga in your building, just contact me and we’ll make it happen! This seemed to work out well a couple of years ago during the strike.

So, beautiful ones… That’s it for now! Still not great with blogging (as I am sure you can tell!) hahaha..But heck, I am trying!
Hope to see you soon at Yoga. Let’s do it up!
*Oh…just one more thing. Take note: Time change (as well as new location) for Mt.Pleasant’s Wednesday evening Prenatal Yoga class. The class will be a 6:30pm start beginning Nov 16th.

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