Ever think of doing a Yoga Teacher Training?

I have been reminiscing lately and looking through a ton of pictures from various yoga training’s/workshops I have done.

And as always…I’m yearning for more!!!

These are a few pics of the second one I took in Spring of 2004 through Prana Yoga and Zen Centre. It was your basic starter 200 hour program and I would highly recommend it.

Shakti knows her stuff and can teach you things (Kriyas etc) that I am sure few other people know. This training was over a 5 month period and was in Classical Hatha. I don’t believe they still have the 5 month program (although I could be wrong as I haven’t been on their website for ages!) but they still have the one month intensives here in town and abroad.

The truth is, there are just so many different choices out there these days! If I was starting out now I really wouldn’t know where to go as virtually just about every studio has a 200 hr YTT program happening. (Which is a wonderful thing!! )

Whether you start off with Prana like I did, or go somewhere else, I just know you won’t be sorry. There is just something about going back to the very beginning and breaking things down that will certainly deepen your practice like nothing else, whether you decide to teach afterwards or not.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.”
– Shunryo Suzuki-Roshi …

I had the pleasure of photographing Gloria Latham of Semperviva for Shanti Ugnada’s website a few months back, and she too is just so lovely. I have been to many workshops at her studios (in addition to the regular classes I attend at semperviva each week) and I most recently received my certification in yin yoga with my favourite teacher in the world Bernie Clark! I loved that training very much, and learned a great deal. Semperviva has a great many workshops and teacher training’s (including 200 hr+) with great teachers both local and International.

Bernie was also an integral part of my training at Prana in 2004. I’d have to say that I learned as much from him as I did Shakti. Which is A LOT! (so this is no way implies ANY disrespect to Shakti whatsoever) A group of us spent many an early morning sadhana together in those days in addition to our training’s, and of course many, many hours of meditation. zen meditation. Looking back, much of it was bliss.

I could use that kind of discipline now! haha!

And then there are my lovely old friends Georgina and Hogan of Open Door Yoga. They too have an amazing Yoga Teacher Training program…..♥….and the list goes on!

If you do want to teach, you need a minimum 200hr certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance ( to obtain insurance etc.) The Yoga Alliance maintains a registry of Yoga Schools that comply with their standards for yoga teacher training programs of 200-500 hours. It would be a good idea to check on their list of schools before choosing a Teacher training program. (*just my opinion)

The Yoga Alliance is the internationally recognized governing body that regulates the highest standards for yoga teachers all over.
Weekend workshops are amazing whether you are a student deepening your practice, or if you want to build on your certification/knowledge/grow as a teacher etc. (but beware of any fly by night “get certified to teach in a single weekend” type of deals. Sadly there are a great many scams out there.)

Not a week passes that I am not asked my opinion on this topic so I thought I’d make a little posting on it. (I sure wish I had more to offer though!) Truth is, I am way out of the loop yoga teacher training wise these days. Thankfully for us choices abound!

Vancouver is certainly Yoga land! And for that we can be grateful:)

One last thing..
Never EVER feel shy about asking a Teacher about his/her teaching credentials. If a Teacher does not possess a minimum of a 200 hr certification and is teaching yoga, then walk away.

Enjoy the journey,

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