See this little place? Well, talk about a healing sanctuary. And located right in my glorious hood! I am no stranger to acupuncture, but this is acupuncture in a group setting. Everyone together creates this healing space.
Much like a yoga class really.
The space is very quiet, lights are dimmed, essential oils are burning, soft music playing…it is just too wonderful for words, and deeply healing on every level. (acupuncture helps with literally whatever ails you)
The chairs are extremely comfy and you are left to meditate, relax, even drift off until you ‘intuitively’ feel done. The needles are removed and voila, you are free to leave and enjoy your day. (You can also stay for a specific amount of time too of course, and they’ll let you know when your times up if you have to be somewhere etc.)
What is HUGELY amazing as well is that they have a ‘sliding scale’ to separate the issues of money and treatment. (and you can still submit your receipts should you have any extended health insurance as acupuncture is covered by most plans)
Treatments are $20-$40 a session so you can come as often as you wish, and not only get better, but stay better! (the first session is an extra $10 due to the paperwork etc)
I really can not say enough about this place! (And yes these are licensed Acupuncturists, not to worry)
The place is called Poke Community Acupuncture and it’s located at Main St@ Kingsway right next to my fav little neighborhood coffee shop, Our Town.
Poke Community Acupuncture
(225 E Broadway) 604-568-7322
Anyways, gotta fly!
Happy healing and Namaste

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