East Vanity Parlour

Lets face it “yogi or not” we all like to get pampered once in a while (and yes we like to look good too!)

I am not your typical girl in a lot of ways. I’m not a big fan of shopping and honestly, I used to dread going to the salon. I have been colouring my hair for what feels like a million years. (since 1978 actually. wow…it really has been a million years!)

I always enjoyed flippin’ through the fashion magazines at salons, but honestly couldn’t wait til it was over so I could get home and ‘re-do’ my hair before heading out and doing something fun.

Finally nearly 6 years ago. (My 40th birthday to be exact) my boyfriend took me to meet Kristi. Kristi Johanson. Kristi is the sweetest, kindest, funniest…and most talented hair gal out there! And she’s a wicked burlesque performer and musician to boot! (a.k.a. Camero Luvroc & The New Black)

East Vanity Parlour is a super fun and chill little beauty parlour located right here in our amazing hood.
Kristi and the gals (who are all equally cool and incredibly talented) will fix you up and beautify you any old time you like. Any old way you like! I’m talking guys, gals, colour, cuts. Updo’s….Literally everything and anything you like. Whatever the occassion.

And you’ll have fun! (I have never gone to get my hair done so much in my life since Kristi opened her shop!) Even when my hair doesn’t need to be done. haha! I can’t stay away!

Anyhow…I thought I’d include this little promo video (bottom of page) that somebody made for EVP because I find it adorable. Keep in mind though that there is no smoking or drinking on the premisis and this is just a promo. But yes, they are all that cute! That cute and then some!

Lot’s of guys frequent this place as well. It’s not just for gals.
I love Kristi.
I love my hair.
and I love the fun.. the atmosphere..the harmless gossip.. and all the hair tips I get every single time I go. And you will too!

East Vanity Parlour is located directly across the street from Mt.Pleasant Community Centre at 46 Kingsway Av. To make an appointment the number is 604-637-1122.

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