Yoga for the feet

Those of you who come to my classes know that I focus on the feet a lot. How important they are in grounding us, how the lower body meridians both begin and end in the feet and how important the health, openness and happiness of our feet is to our place in life. The earth has a natural flow of electrons emitting from it constantly. One element of this is called Earth Chi (Qi) or Earthing.

Here is an article by a much loved Teacher of mine Bernie Clark (whom I studied Yin Yoga with). Bernie knows a great deal on the topic.

At times there can be so much going on in our lives, so much energy going out of us that we can lose this connectedness. Stretching, massaging of the feet and toes, and really feeling our feet and the connection they make with the earth can sometimes ground us in way that nothing else can. Now that the temperatures have dropped and the winter is approaching we we’re less likely to be barefoot and it is through our feet that we gather Earth Chi. Remember there is always Tadasana (mountain pose), and of course getting outside in nature no matter the season. When you need to ground yourself just pause, connect, and feel your place in the world.

And take care of your feet!

In this video Todd Caldecott (website here) interviews the lovely Alix Rodrigues of Greenroom yoga on the feet. Greenroom Yoga’s website is here

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