Ever wonder how to "stop" people from following you on social media sites?

I know that most people want want want followers but I woke up to see a hate group following me on Twitter and it turned my stomach before I even got my morning coffee into me. You can probably tell by my blog that I am not all that saavy when it comes to these things (haha…and thats putting it mildly)!

Facebook is another story. I love it and have loads of fun on there. I love that it is so interactive. I spend a lot of time on there each day laughing and joking with friends etc. Facebook is really my 1st blog to the people who know me. People know what I am up to all the time, we share reviews on things, opinions, and all kinds of information. There’s the occassional debate which I also enjoy, but most of all lots of laughs. Lot’s and lot’s of laughs. Facebook is probably my biggest form of entertainment and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I hope it never goes away.

As far as Twitter goes I don’t participate much on there. I haven’t really spent much time on it and don’t understand it very well. My posts generally just go straight from here or my facebook fan page onto my twitter, therefore becoming tweets of their own. I don’t really have to do anything to make that happen so I don’t often take notice of who’s following me and such, but this morning a picture of a baby with a red circle around it and a line going through it caught my eyes in my follower list. When I looked closer I knew I needed to blow this person/group right off my twitter page asap but didn’t know how. Luckily a friend gave me a link and I blocked them.

Thought I’d put this out there because I didn’t know how to get rid of them. Followers are great, but I don’t want just anyone following me. Especially if they hate something or someone that I love! And with twitter you don’t have to accept friends/followers etc. They can just choose you. If you have to sell a part of your soul for for followers? No thanks. I’d rather have none. I’ll pass on any haters of any sort.

Below is a link to ditch someone on your twitter should you have anyone who does not represent the person you are/causes you believe in etc.

I’m into sharing two things and hate isn’t one of ’em. Sharing information and sharing the love. Namaste.

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