Photography as mindfulness. Photography is mindfulness.

I have literally thousands of photos on this computer. I am not especially skilled at taking photos, and the camera I use is nothing special. Taking pictures is another way I practice mindfulness, and other than yoga I find nothing more relaxing and peaceful. To take a picture you have to be in the moment. Owning a camera is really wonderful for stress reduction. It takes you right out of your head (and off your butt haha). And the world is just so beautiful that you don’t even have to go anywhere special to take pictures. My hobby used to be quite expensive before digital cameras came along with the cost of film and developing and such. Not anymore! There is still something to be said for a paper photograph though.
If you were thinking about taking up a hobby in the new year I can not recommend it enough. Especially if you live out here as the scenery doesn’t get any more spectacular. Namaste.

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