Baby and Me Yoga Q & A

Question- What age babies come to your Baby and Me Yoga classes Lori? My son and I are wanting to join you at some point!

Answer- The class is for newborns to pre-crawlers but is much more about the mama. It’s always good to get an okay from a care provider even though we all work at our own pace/rest anytime/modify etc. Every single day you’ll feel different and baby may sleep, feed, cry, laugh and you just cater to baby anytime, and can include baby as much as you like too of course. But the class is way more about you. If you feel like challenging yourself more you can, or not. It is super casual, welcoming, supportive and fun 🙂

The general guideline is 4-6 weeks for a straight forward vaginal birth or 6-8 weeks for a c-section. Registering makes each class $3 cheaper (per class) and it ensures the class runs too so it’s your best bet, although you can also pay drop in. My whole schedule can be found at *It’s always good to check there in case there are any schedule changes! Looking forward to seeing you and your sweet babe soon!


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