Lets save the Monarch butterflies – Also FREE milkweed seeds in Canada!

My community garden just posted this really great video on planting milkweed seeds in your garden! I just last week read of a great guy named Ivan Mcilroy of the Wallace Eco Centre http://wallacesprings.blogspot.ca who is willing to send people FREE milkweed seeds within Canada provided you send him a self addressed stamped envelope to:
FREE Milkweed seeds ℅ Ivan McIlroy at Wallace Springs, RR1 Gowanstown, Not NOG 1Y0

Let’s do it! We need our beautiful monarchs and have an opportunity to make a real difference!

I just googled free milkweed seeds and found someone in the states willing to do the same thing. A link for that place is https://www.livemonarch.com/free-milkweed-seeds.htm

I’ve sent away for mine and hope you do too. Happy gardening! Yay! The season is nearly among us 🙂

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