Couldn’t have put it better myself! Testimonial – Langara College Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Program

The next Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Program begins in September 2015.

We wrapped up final practicums last month at Langara College 250 hr YTT and I was so blown away at the amazing students! So skilled and knowledgeable! Already such amazing teachers.

I am always so incredibly impressed with the content of the course. It is just so real and authentic and comprehensive.

I am very proud to be on the faculty.

Here is a testimonial from one of those amazing students 

LYTT Testimonial: Judy Lyon – March 2015

I was first drawn to LYTT because of the holistic perspective offered by this
program and also because of the classical philosophy. Words cannot describe my
experience of these past 6 months. I continue to be awestruck by the
multi-faceted dimension of the teachings and the vast impact they have and will
continue to have on my perception, my beliefs and my overall life. It is both
subtle and powerful to experience how the teachings have become woven into my
daily life and I’m aware that my learning has only just begun.

I experienced immense freedom while also embracing new challenges throughout the
practice. This program had a way of challenging me to the edges of my comfort
zone while at the same time offering support and encouragement from a community
of highly experienced teachers and courageous classmates to step forward to a
new way of being. I felt honored to be part of this diverse, heartfelt
community. I appreciate that the teachers instructed from a delicate balance of
lived experience and the long lineage of revealed wisdom, while encouraging
exploration of our lived experience both on and off the mat.

I have worked as a counsellor in the field of trauma and addictions for over 20
years and this is some of the most powerful therapy I have ever experienced. I
am so grateful to be blessed with these teachings and am honored to share the
knowledge in my professional and personal life.
This training can assist you with challenges in every area of your life. If you
want a truly traditional experience of yoga beyond the asanas, then register
today. It’s a beautiful journey.Looking for a Yoga Teacher Training?

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