Whew! A good 99% of my classes are finally covered for the Olympics! Yay!

It is one month today until the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, and whether we love everything about the Olympics or are filled with dread …here they come!

We will soon be welcoming the world!!

Lot’s of Yoga in Yaletown at Lilli’Q Cafe and Playhouse located at 1268 Pacific blvd (right next door to the Roundhouse) and classes are going full blast as well at Main St @ Broadway at the brand spankin’new Mt.Pleasant! (The Mt.Pleasant website states that there is a 3 person waiting list currently for Prenatal yoga but that is no longer the case.) I have upped the participant level by 5 so…there are a few more spaces now!
Lilli’Q will be updating their website anytime now, and I have added a Thursday evening Prenatal Yoga in addition to the Tuesday class. (we only have space for 10 participants for all classes being held there so you may want to register for those asap!)
Oh..and there WILL be Baby & Me Yoga as well at Lilli’Q! Yay!
All classes will be held at the same time as my Roundhouse classes.
(Prenatal Yoga’s 545pm-715pm)
(Hatha 730pm-845pm)
(Baby & Me 130pm-300pm)
Soooo Register, Register, Register! You know I’d love to see you.

You can register online or by phone at http://lilliq.com/ (under the events tab) or 604-681-2965
Drop-in’s are available for all classes (space permitting.)
*Remember to bring a Yoga mat to the Lilli’Q classes!

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