Have you recovered from the Olympics yet?;);)

Well, well, well, it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this thing, and so much has happened in our city!

I don’t think anyone could have predicted the Olympics being quite so grand! (at least I sure didn’t)
And the Athletes…
The Gold medals…
The Unity…
The Hockey!!!
My arm still hurts from high-fiving down at Robson Square Sunday night after the win!
Well, now that things are settling back down to normal I have a few updates in regards to our glorious YOGA!
  • Registration for the Roundhouse starts this Saturday, March 6!!
  • All the same old classes and new ones as well!
  • There will be two evening Hatha classes instead of one. (Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 730pm-845pm) and of course my two Prenatal Yoga classes, Tuesday & Thursday evenings as well, from 545pm-715pm.
  • Whether you are interested in in attending the Hatha’s (mixed levels) or Prenatal Yoga you can always double up to attend twice per week for a special price.
As far as Mount Pleasant CC goes I am adding another Daytime Hatha class on Wednesday’s starting the first week of April!
You can register to attend two times per week for a special price as well.
(Their website has all the info!)
Those classes will also become a full 90 minutes (instead of the current 75 minutes) going from 1230pm-2oopm on both days.
Registration for Mt.Pleasant begins March 16, so register away!
I have got to fly for now but have more updates and hope to get back on here again this evening, or at some point tomorrow!
Lot’s of love..

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