The Roundhouse is back! The Roundhouse is back!

This is going to be the shortest blog post in the world because I am running late here, but I feel like screaming it from the rooftops I love this place so much! lol!

I will be forever grateful to Lilli Q’ Cafe and Playhouse as well for allowing me to hold my Roundhouse classes there during the Olympic Hiatus and I can’t recommend enough checking out Lilli’Q. (1268 Pacific Blvd-right next door to the roundhouse!)
It is a lovely cafe and play spot for babies and tot’s & momma’s and families.
And the owner is the momma of a 1 year old herself!
Anyways, gotta fly! headed there now. Yay!
Registration is on right now by the way for both the Roundhouse and Mt.Pleasant!
(see schedule for links & info and such!)
Love, Lori XO

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