Gil Hedley’s "Fuzz Speech" (real human cadaver, not for the faint of heart)

Use it or ‘in-fact’ lose it. Those words couldn’t be more true. All you have to do is wake up in the morning to notice how we are all a little stiffer. And as we age? Well, countless things begin to happen and thats what makes a yoga practice so incredibly important. Yoga, massage, body work of all forms. Just plain movement!

Gil Hedley Ph.D, the anatomy teacher in this video (whom I would give anything to one day study with), really couldn’t put it any simpler. We are continually being covered over with fuzz and need to break through it or well…

We won’t be able to move! seriously!
Energy won’t flow, we’ll feel like crap, we’ll be in pain, depressed and eventually become ill. Lack of movement, believe it or not, can actually cause joints to fuse together! That means the joint is gone and is no longer a joint!

Talk about frightening…

I don’t speak very often about an accident I was in once, but I know all about being unable to move, atrophy (muscle wasting), trauma, healing, and yes…being absolutely covered in fuzz! I’m talking about a three year recovery here…life support, the works. (but enough about me. I really couldn’t feel better!)

Thought I’d share this video just in case you know someone who was ‘debating’ going to a Yoga class…don’t debate, just get on your mat!

Forget the mat just get on the floor! Get inside your body. Really inside. Life is just too short to not connect with yourself and break through the fuzz.

And while you’re at it you’ll be receiving countless other benefits. The benefits of a regular yoga practice are literally endless and on many levels. Whether you come to yoga on a Doctors suggestion, or to increase flexibility, improve athletic performance, get strong, ditch stress, meditate, heal from trauma… or even just to look great in that new bikini. (haha)
Yoga is for everyone.
I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we all want to feel as vibrant and healthy and vital as we possibly can while we are here.

So let’s get moving. Let’s do it up and enjoy life to the fullest!

Take that first step and find yourself a yoga class near you and get started. Our beautiful city is brimming with yoga venues of all kinds and some of the greatest teachers anywhere.

And a special thanks to my most cherished teacher in this city Bernie Clark for bringing Dr.Hedley to my awareness and for sharing so much of his incredible knowledge, wit and wisdom over the years (most recently in my Yin Yoga Teacher training). Bernie is the man. In my opinion Bernie Clark makes the yoga scene in Vancouver what it is. To find out more about Bernie, yin yoga and what he does for this incredible planet of ours go to… and

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