Mt.Pleasant update! Classes added for next week!

Goooood morning peeps!

I am in bliss as the sun is streaming in my window. And well… it is just plain lovely. (especially after all of yesterdays “moisture” and cloud cover haha.. )
Anyways…Just wanted to give you a heads up that YES there will in fact be Yoga next week at Mt.Pleasant between our regular sessions so feel free to drop by!
I asked and we received! Yay!
These 4 classes are drop in only as they are during our week off between sessions. (I believe they are all $12 to drop into as well)
Registration is on for all sessions beginning the first week of April and I recommend registering soon to ensure a spot. (for all classes)
A couple of things to note mt.pleasant-wise is that I have added an additional daytime Hatha class on Wednedays now at 1230. (just like the Mondays class) So now those of you who have been asking to be able to double up, can! And I kept it seriously reasonable too. It is a huge savings to register for both days. Oh, and I’ve upped the class time from 75 minutes to a full 90.
Soooo…register away! All sessions for all classes start the first week of April.
Here are the classes I’ve added for next week:
Monday March 29- Baby & Me Yoga from 1045am -1215pm
Monday March 29-Daytime Hatha from 1230pm-200pm

Wednesday March 31-Daytime Hatha from 1230pm-200pm
Wednesday March 31-Prenatal Yoga from 630pm-745pm

Have a really wonderful day! I’m off to my Kid’s yoga class now to do a lot of barking and meowing and jumping around. (don’t worry I don’t make any animal sounds in the above classes!) But you always can if the feeling strikes!
Have a lovely day & see ya soon. XO

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