Are you ever a tourist in your own town?

I used to make a point of it at least 3X’s per week. I’d just force my self to leave the house (and my to do list) for a few hours, and I’d be out there strolling, camera in hand. Sometimes I’d just get on my bike or hop on a bus, the sea bus, aqua bus, skytrain…what ever!

It’s one of those things you sometimes have to force yourself to do because (of course we all have a million other things we “think” we “should” be doing). But lets face it…whats the worst thing thats going to happen if we take a little “me time” once in a while? Umm…well, for me my mood is gong to be better, my immune system is going to be stronger, my mind is going to be clearer, I am going to way more fun to be around.

It is very important to take a break. Regularly. Even if you absolutely love what you do.What are you investing in with that little bit of time devoted to yourself? Your whole entire life. Every aspect. and area. Your health, peace of mind. It’s much like a yoga practice. It is too easy sometimes to listen to our mind telling us that there is no time.

I have been letting the chaos if life and business get the better of me this past while so I am making a pact with myself to get back out there.

Whatever is on my to do list simply can wait!

Getting out, much like getting on your mat, really clears the cobwebs out. I have always found that after a nice walk/ride/ personal adventure I am so much clearer and able to tackle those tasks I resist and avoid doing (with all my might)!

Make time for you. Make time for your own self care.If you don’t do it, who is?

Make time to get outside. Don’t wait for the visitors to come and force to you to be a tourist! This city is breathtaking and FILLED with prana! It’s all there for the taking. If you are like me getting out can be difficult sometimes but you can do it. Force yourself!

You’ll be so glad you did ♥

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