Black rice is better for you than blueberries…

Did you know that a spoonful of black rice contains more disease fighting antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries? I just read that the other day and was a little surprised. Anthocyanin antioxidants show promise for fighting heart disease and cancer. They are found in fruits and vegetables that are purplish in colour, like purple cabbage, eggplant, blueberries and black rice bran. It also has way less sugar and lot’s more fiber and vitamin E. We’re generally a brown rice household but I’ve been eating the black stuff lately too, and it’s delicious. It has a nutty, earthy taste and is a little bit crunchy. I picked up mine at Urban Fair bulk food section. Organic, yet inexpensive like the rest of the grains..It’s cheaper than blueberries too!

Just thought I’d share. Bon Appetit!

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