Are you addicted to groupon?

I know there is groupon, swarmjam, and some others, and it’s fabulous to be able to save some cash these days anyway we possibly can. I don’t know too many people who aren’t looking for ways to save money.

I sure am! Especially since the HST came into play!

**There is a new local group buying one called Ethical Deal. They have daily deals from local GREEN companies! It looks like the best one of them all. We can save money and not hurt the planet, and shop local! (it is Vancouver based)
The website is here

As far as yoga goes, it should never cost a fortune in my opinion, and thats why the cost of my classes are like groupon everyday. The cost of my classes on a regular basis are as inexpensive as I am allowed to make them. $9-$13 a class when you register and just a little more if you drop in.
(*And registration is on for January btw!)
Click here for The Roundhouse and here for Mount Pleasant

Happy Ethical shopping and I’ll see you on the mat! ♥. ♥ .♥. ♥ .

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