I don’t care what anyone says, it’s spring in Vancouver.

And the winter hasn’t been too shabby either! I wouldn’t even call it a winter really (I barely had to bust out my SAD lamp at all this season). Took a stroll down to Granville island yesterday to pick up some fixin’s for dinner, and its pretty much spring out there. I have been so busy lately and haven’t taken the time to get out for as many walks as usual, but I have vowed to get back out there! If like me, you have been a little too busy to get outside as much as you’d like as well, heres a sample of what’s out there beyond your four walls. Free all the time and right outside the door. Everywhere you look this city just shines and sparkles! Here are some pics from Granville Island yesterday. Today promises to be more of the same. Enjoy & so will I! Namaste & Happy Spring (or spring-like weather at least)!

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