Ever think of studying with one teacher for a while?

My class prices are as inexpensive as my wonderful programmers and myself can make them, and therefore they are like a Groupon every day of the week.

I have both daytime and night-time classes for everybody, including Prenatal Yoga & Baby and Me Yoga for the sweet mamma’s in my world.

If you have been thinking of taking up yoga and don’t know where to start, registration is on now for ALL classes with me at both The Roundhouse (corner of Davie St & Pacific) and Mt.Pleasant (Main & Broadway). If a session has already begun the price is pro-rated so the class/classes will be deducted.

If you are looking for completely non-threatening classes where you can challenge yourself as much, or as little as you like (provided you are not injured) come and see me.

My classes are not trendy or mystical, but I can promise you that yoga can change your life in more ways then you can ever imagine. Even if you just want to stretch out those tight hamstrings and dump some stress, Or if you want to feel more fluid, get stronger, build endurance, ditch the aches and pains, or improve your golf game…

Whatever it is for you, you will be wondering how you survived without yoga for so long. And thats just the promise of yoga.

My classes are just real people practicing yoga so if you have been afraid and intimidated by all “this yoga stuff” just come to yoga already

There is lot’s of fancy yoga out there which is wonderful, but if you are looking for Traditional Hatha Yoga with lot’s of variations and Pranayam (always with some vinyasa and some y delicious yin thrown in) come and see me.

Yoga will help to bring you back into balance on all levels. To me, even just one yoga class equals a day at the spa (and yes, I have had my share of days at the spa, and they are lovely!)

Hope to see you very soon. Again, if you are injured you should not be practicing yoga or anything that requires movement without a Doctors ok.

I hope to see you soon! There is a mat with your name all over it. Just bring yourself.

For my schedule look to the top right corner of this blog under Current Yoga Schedule. Namaste xx

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