See these kids? I know them all as well as their incredible parents.

They are all some of the bravest and coolest (and most fun) people I know! They are local brain tumour fighter/survivors and their parents and I am really fond of each and every one of them (and they are all doing well right now too I am happy to add).
The are part of an program I love called BrainWAVE. BrainWAVE is a support program for families with a child (19 years old or younger) with a brain tumour and it is comprised of four separate but related components: events, parent support, information sharing and education. If you are looking for a way to provide fun and support for your child and family as you face the journey with a pediatric brain tumour, consider joining BrainWAVE.

Several times a year, BrainWAVE families have the opportunity to meet and relax through fun activities such as trips to sports events, historical sites and other family attractions. These FREE events give all members of the immediate family a welcome break from treatments and doctors’ visits. Our next event is March 4 and I can’t wait!

For more information on BrainWAVE and Brain Tumour Foundation click the links. If you have been affected by a brain tumour you are NEVER alone and there is ALWAYS hope and Brain Tumour Foundation is a wonderful resource with Education days, Support and Loads of information whether you are a child or an adult, have a brain tumour, or love somebody with one.

The 2012 Spring Sprint is coming up as well on May 27 click here for more info on that. Its a wonderful time for everybody. Namaste.

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