Oh..I have the most exciting weekends haha.

I took a test this weekend that I didn’t have to study for. One that apparently only 32% of Canadians take. The test is for people over 50 (generally), and although I’m not there yet age-wise I have had food sensitivities and some stomach issues (and even colonoscopies) so they thought I might as well take this test a little early.
I’m not worried about the results. And I don’t want you to worry!

Its just that this test is soooo easy it’s ridiculous and according to The Canadian Cancer Society 8,900 Canadians will die this year from colorectal cancer and 22,000 more will be diagnosed while only 32% of people over 50 take this test!

I’m here to tell you how easy it is after doing it. It was literally nothing. (and don’t worry, you don’t have to handle anybody else’s poop!) It literally takes 5 minutes and is completely painless in every regard. You just take a “teeny tiny sample” and put it on a slide and voila! Its done. Drop it in the mail or take it to your Doctors office (depending on whether your Doc wants it directly etc.)

And lets face it..We all love somebody over the age of 50. AND we live in Canada so its available to all of us, so there’s no reason to not take this test.

Caught early enough the survival rates are better than some cancers, such as lung cancer, according to the CCS.

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