Nothing bonds women quite like pregnancy and new babies

My yoga classes (pre and post natal in particular) are very much about community building and thats what makes my life and my profession so very rich and rewarding. I get to witness first hand, new friendships among moms be formed in every single class. And many of these connections will be lifelong. Some of my sweet moms have a great meet up group going on and they all seem to be enjoying it greatly. 

If it interests you go to and search “Vancouver moms to be”.Click on the b&w pregnant belly (if its your first time you may have to make a free profile -only takes a sec). Some examples of meet up’s are: Saturday morning social breakfast, Sunday a seawall walk and Monday a Thai lunch downtown.  One mom told me “I have found this group has answered a lot of questions for me and given me the added confidence to accept that my changes are normal and average …nothing to worry about.”

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