Fear holding you back? Chris Hadfield “What I learned from going blind in space”.

What a brilliant 18 minute talk! It is a subject I speak often about myself.

F.E.A.R. = F. False. E. Evidence A. Appearing R. Real
Fear can hold us back ,and it can completely paralyze us and make our lives very small
(which is extremely tragic).

Remember that our nervous system doesn’t really know the difference from “real” or “perceived” danger so we can get triggered (and many of us often do) when we are “in fact” perfectly safe.

In these scary moments it’s important to ask yourself “What are the facts of this situation ?”
Chris speaks here about facing them. It’s classic desensitization.

While many of us can do this on our own, if you need extra help you should seek out a therapist skilled in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (C.B.T.) and they can help you.

Also yoga can help hugely in self regulation/self soothing/calming of the nervous system. I know a lot about this subject. Talk to me anytime.

Life is for living! Like Chris say’s “You can re-program yourself and change your primal fear”
But it takes practice. Don’t give up! You aren’t alone.

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