Do you eat local?

This morning I read that around 900 million tons of food is shipped around the planet each year. Thats 4 times the amount that was shipped in 1961. Wow. That is staggering.
Do you try and eat local? As much as I have been slacking in my garden this year our little household really does try. We grow some of our own food and do our best to eat food that is local and in season as much as we can. I try and keep the exotic foods to a minimum (although I do love my olive oil and bananas and can not lie).

If you haven’t really thought much about it before start out small. Just do what you can do, and thankfully there are farmers markets galore, community gardens, organic food delivery programs and resources of all kinds out there. And luckily for us Vancouver not only is yoga land, but it’s also organic food land! Eating local is even better then buying organic food from somewhere else so why not buy fresh organic local food? Growing your own is very fun too!

Eating local not only is delicious and healthful for the environment (helps in the fight against global warming), but eating in season is really good for us from a health standpoint as well… not to mention sooo delicious.

Plus, it keeps us in touch with the seasons!

When we eat local we’re helping to support our local farmers, and we’re putting money back into our own economy. As well, local food is fresher and at a much lower risk of contamination due to not having to travel some crazy distance from farm to plate.

Give it a whirl and you’ll see how amazing it is. The food is loaded with nutrients, delicious, and surprisingly not costly at all. You’ll be doing something wonderful for you and your family, the environment, your community and your taste buds. yum!

For more information (local farmers market locations, whats in season, gardening resources etc.)
you can click here

Bon appetit!

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