Heres the lowdown on classes as of this morning!

So far all classes are a go! And going smashingly well I might add!

*With the exception of Monday Daytime Yoga at Mt.Pleasant.
*Attendance wise it is hurtin’ 😦

This class is from 1230-200pm in the afternoon and is as cheap as I can make it.The session is from Sept 13 to Dec 13 and costs $132.50 to register which amounts to $10.19 per class.

This class had quite a few teachers in it all summer long, and with school going back it is now lagging behind in attendance unfortunately. Strangely enough these classes get loads of drop ins every class, but reaching the minimum “registration-wise” is needed for them to keep them running.

Wednesday’s daytime class is doing better and there is always the option of doubling up and doing the Monday and Wednesday (2 times per week) for a total of $252, which is dirt cheap.

So..I just wanted to put it out there! *If you wanted Monday Daytime yoga to continue, register asap as it may soon be gone. Register in the next 48 hrs if you can.

You can click here to register!
Register and please tell your friends, and let’s do it up! ASAP!
*It is a great deal and quite likely the most inexpensive yoga in the lower mainland.

namaste yoga friends

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