some of the little reasons why i shed a few tears after yoga yesterday.

This reads: Thank you for The Y.O.g.a. and I hop you have a happy Chrismis ano a happy new year! and There aer only 21 more sleep’s until Chrismis.

awww…and this is supposed to be me lol!

(just one side of my fridge)

love them all. the teachers i met, the parents…everyone.

everybody loves a nice pom pom blessing once in a while

the girl who made this one is even on my facebook. she is an amazing yogi and so grown up now!

Yesterday was my second to last yoga class with those wonderful Elsie Roy kid’s I have grown to love so much these past few years. I have reminders of them all over my apartment and feel so lucky to have had the pleasure and joy of their magic and wisdom and fun for so long. It has been such an privilege to watch them grow and share in yoga with them each week, and they will absolutely LOVE my replacement! That I know for a fact. I know I will still be running into them at my favourite place in the world (the Roundhouse) which is so nice! It was a difficult decision but sometimes you’ve got to pass the torch! Change is good, it really is. I have taken a class up at UBC Hospital in more of a clinical/theraputic setting in place of it (and in addition to ALL of my other classes), and will be devoting some extra time to my volunteer activites… and the kids will get a wonderful fresh and new yoga teacher! It all works out. It always works out. If you are debating a change think long and hard… but don’t be scared! just go for it. The world is waiting for you!!!

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