I can’t believe The Briefing is just 5 days away!!

Heres the trailer for The 2011 Briefing at UBC.
Are you going? Can you go? I am so sad I can’t go but I’ll be there in spirit. I’ve got my yoga classes to teach that night, and I’ve never been one to miss those!

It takes place Tuesday January 25 from 5-8pm at UBC Woodward 2 and you can register here for a toonie, and make your voice heard!

It’s called The UBC Dollar Project (click here for more info).

You can hear about 8 different community projects and vote for your favourite one! And YES Shanti Uganda is one of them! **click here for Shanti’s site**

I love the whole concept so much. The fact that you can pay a dollar and make a HUGE impact in the world. Thats so beautiful to me.

And to me, just listening to the speakers and hearing their passion, while learning about the world around me and the various causes being discussed would be so fascinating to me. If you can go, go!

I can’t wait to hear all about it! And being an Ambassador for the organization and feeling so passionately about it, I am rooting for The Shanti Uganda Society all the way! We need that fence asap, and every single bit helps! For more info on Shanti’s Fence Project click here

To keep up with Shanti Uganda and all the good they do, and their various projects etc, you should sign up for their newsletter. Its lovely and will make you feel really, really good inside. much like yoga. Namaste.

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