"Beware the barrenness of a busy life." -Socrates

I’m sick of the word busy. “How are you ? Busy…so very busy..” “You? Oh the same…just extremely busy”.

I am just so sick of being busy. I find that thats all I hear, and say anymore. I am really bored of hearing myself say it.
I came to the realization last week when I was super stressed and unable to keep up with deadlines and such (and I found myself so stressed that even my decades long yogic tools weren’t cuttin’ it) that I have simply said yes to too many things. Since then I have been watching my use of the word. Yesterday I spent the most delightful day at my community garden plot and was so happy to see my garden friends. All we could speak about was how busy we are/have been. It’s an epidemic. I am really convinced the whole world is busier than ever. I remember Seane Corn once telling me to “pick my battles wisely” when I asked her how she manages her time. As difficult as it can be to set limits, I am slowing things down. I am taking my own advice and practicing what I preach as far as the self care goes. I will certainly not be clearing my schedule (not by a long shot)! I’m just setting some limits. I love what I do so much. Both the teaching and the volunteer activities. I just plan on carving out more time for me. More nature and less busyness. More time at the garden, and less busyness. More road trips to the Island, less busyness, less computer time (my facebook friends will all tell ya, thats a HUGE one for me haha), and MORE downtime, doing more of what is depicted in the photograph above! Not sure where it all went wrong, and I know its easier said then done but I’m going to try. I’ll let you know how it goes! Good luck to you as well. I know I am in good company. Summers almost here and its short in these here parts. Remember you & your self care.
Truly, nobody can do it for ya.
See you on the mat. Namaste xx

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