This is HUGE! Birthing from Within Prenatal Class – by donation in support of Shanti Uganda

If you know me you know ALL about the Shanti Uganda Society and why I am so proud to be a 2011 Ambassador!

And if you are into birth and live in Vancouver you know all about my fellow Ambassador Sarah juliusson and Dancing Star Birth!

Dancing Star Birth is doing a donation prenatal education class with ALL of the funds going to Shanti Uganda!

Its a great way for those who might not be able to afford the regular $260 to pay what they can. Suggested donation is

$100 – $500 (but whatever amount you are able to donate is fine!) They recognize that each of you is making a real and important contribution to global maternal-child health. All contributions of $280 or more will receive a tax receipt from Shanti Uganda.

This is just such an amazing thing.

if you haven’t been on Shanti’s site lately I really can’t encourage you enough to go and read up on the latest happenings. Get ready to be really, REALLY inspired. Click here for more info on Shanti Uganda and here for Dancing Star Birth and all they do! Namaste xo

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