Let’s help those less fortunate stay warm over the winter months.

Do you have any blankets, hats, mitts and scarves etc that are just taking up space in your closets that you’d like to donate to keep someone warm this holiday season?

My partner Silas and I can make it really easy for ya…

If you come to any of my classes on a Tuesday Wednesday OR Thursdays (sorry not my Monday classes), you can bring them to me and we would happily take them to a shelter for you!

Some years we are more successful than others in doing this, but we are hoping to collect lots, and we always have plenty of time over the holidays to make deliveries.

If you do not come to my yoga classes and live in in the Vancouver area feel free to Facebook me OR email me at yoginilori@gmail.com and we can arrange for a pick up!

Please DO NOT drop items off at my workplaces. They can not accept them. Happy Holidays friends. Stay safe xx

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