The Shanti Uganda Society is looking for a place to call home

***Just UPDATED this post!!-Check out Shanti’s new website! 

The Shanti Uganda Society is looking or a place to call home in Vancouver and would love any contacts or suggestions you might have. They hope to find a small space within an existing business that has a little extra to spare. Enough room to fit 2 desks, a tall storage unit, a filing cabinet and 5-6 large rubbermaid bins. Desk rental, or small cubicle unfortunately won’t for them.

Preferably in East Van, but able to go as far west as kits and as far east as boundary. 

They hope to be able to find donated space and could support the business in writing it off, or giving a tax receipt for the rental. They say they are happy to discuss a partnership that benefits them with regards to promotion on our website etc. 

It is an amazing opportunity for a local business to have a substantial impact on a Canadian Charity and mothers in Uganda without making a financial contribution. If you know of anything please contact them at

And don’t forget their Facebook Page  and Twitter Page

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