Lets face it… pregnancy isn’t always the most physically "comfortable" experience right?

New 5 week session of Prenatal Yoga at Mount Pleasant starts up on Wed.
The class is on Wednesday evenings from 630-745pm and the session is $52.50 to register (and that is only $9 a class) Yes! And there is currently room. OR drop in for $12.  The session runs from Nov 21-Dec 19. Go to www.mountpleasantcc.ca or call 604-257-3080 (press 2). Class is located at 7th and Kingsway (Main and Broadway basically)

Wed doesn’t work for ya? Don’t forget Preantal Yoga at The Roundhouse Tues and Thurs nights from 545-715pm. The number there is 604-713-1800 (press 2)

All these classes and more are ongoing. 
See you on the mat momma’s!

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