My new best friends. A lacrosse ball and a soft ball to add to the collection.

Looks a little scary but if you know me I am big into bodywork and have a true love and admiration for all my bodyworkers (can be found in the resource section of my website). I am also big on self massage ,including abdominal massage (which we often do in many of my classes). I don’t often talk about old injuries I’ve had, but I was once in a very bad accident (life support, many broken bones, knee surgeries, wheelchair  etc. and trauma GALORE) and while the body is nothing short of miraculous we can develop patterns of movement (favouring one side etc) and that can cause imbalances that can lead to new injuries, or keep the old injuries from fully healing. And then there is scar tissue, (and so much more) and I think most of us have been there in one way or another in this life.

Anyways, while I recommend massage and physio and chiro BIG TIME there is still so much we can do on our own as well (With YOGA being number #1).

Keep in mind that you can do some soft tissue work on your own as well. If you aren’t sure about what to do ask your bodyworker. They’ll be happy to share. (Wish I had more time for this post but heading to yoga now)

For instance, I have been dealing with a tight TFL that has been pulling my knee cap laterally and my “tools” (photo below) help me more than I could ever say. Just wanted to share as all these tools are very inexpensive and easy to get at any sporting goods store. Buy them used and thy are just as wonderful. 

 And, I really hope you are registered for yoga with me in January! 

For all my public classes go to the schedule section of this site here and know that all my classes are completely non- threatening, welcoming and suitable for beginners so don’t be shy! They are also affordable. On purpose. I don’t believe that yoga shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

**Please note**It is always best to register for the class (s)  of your choice to ensure that the class runs and that you get a space. If any classes are low in registration I’ll have to cancel them as I have a very busy year ahead, so register!

Wishing you all the best in the new year and hope to post more soon. Thank you for another amazing year. 2014 will mark 10 years of full time teaching. It’s a big milestone and it’s all thanks to you for sharing your practice with me. Full of gratitude Xo


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