One of the most special days of the year is quickly approaching…

With Mothers Day approaching I am nearly at a loss for words this morning and am actually getting choked up just thinking about what to say here!

Mothers just mean so very much to me.

Firstly I am just so truly blessed with such amazing examples in my life, and I am just so incredibly grateful to the many pregnant momma’s, daddies & families I have worked with in the past half dozen years..

Yoga wise, I originally started off teaching exclusively prenatal & postnatal (baby & me) yoga classes.

I have always cherished my own yoga practice, and pre & post natal yoga was was a natural progression for me from working as a Doula.

My yoga practice would come and go since the 80’s, and that is the wonderful thing about yoga. It is always there waiting for you regardless of the decade, or your lifestyle.

Or your hairstyle!! LOL!

To me, mothers are the most incredible humans on the planet. Truly.

I say it sooo often that it must sound cheesy after a while, but it is just so true and comes from the bottom of my heart..

Although they may not be aware of it these women are the greatest teachers in my life.

And thats whether they are expecting, are enjoying/adjusting to their first year of motherhood, have older school age, or grown children… they have all touched my life in such remarkable ways. I can not even find the words.

They are all so beautiful to me. And each has an aura of magic around them. (although they may not always feel that way themselves!! haha)

I only wish that they could see themselves through my eyes, and that I had the chance to thank the great many (no doubt thousands by now) that I have witnessed come into their mothering right before my before my eyes.
There just aren’t words.(I keep searching!)

Mothers are our most valuable resource, and each one deserves a medal and for it to be Mothers day everyday.

And yeah, baby daddy’s are SUPER cool too! All of this certainly takes nothing away from them.

What makes me the happiest of all of this? It’s the final result.
Happy healthy children. Our future!
All I can say is that there sure are some lucky babies/children out there.
And YES, that is what makes me the happiest. ♥.♥.♥.♥.♥.♥.

I have lot’s and lot’s of hope for the future. For all of us. I really do.:)

Hope you plan something really special for the wonderful mothers in your life this coming Sunday.

And dad, your “day of days” is next!
Have a lovely day!

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