Alone much?

Most people who know me find me to be extremely extroverted and outgoing (which is true), yet the folks closest to me know just how much time I spend alone. It’s quite a bit.

I am somebody who needs lots of alone time every single day. I am an early riser and that early morning quiet time alone I cherish soooo much.

Call me strange but I don’t sleep in even on my days off, as my alone time/me time takes priority over sleeping-in any day of the week. I find it literally necessary for my well being. Like time spent on my mat, time alone restores me.

For me time spent alone gives me so much more to give others ‘out there’ in the world 😉

I can’t recommend enough hangin’ with yourself. Pencilling yourself in. Whether its time spent on your yoga mat, your meditation cushion, listening to tunes, taking a walk through a forest, a nice hot bath (those are just some of my favourite alone type things to do)

If you have children get a baby sitter or call a friend to take them off your hands for an hour.

Just do it.

I really like the girl in this video, Tanya Davis. Like Tanya says…time alone?

Embrace it

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