Resisting change. The ego mind.

Ever get scared? Bitter? (Pissed off even) hahaa..I do.

We all do, lets face it. We’re human.

Everyday isn’t rainbows and lolli-pops and unicorns. If it was how would we grow?

For me it’s generally because I am trying to resist change at some level. It me wishing things were different than they are…people’s behavior, situations..
It’s me wanting to control something that I have absolutely no control over. Thats the ego mind.

The truth is that we only have control over our words, our thoughts and our physical actions.We can influence other people and situations at times but we can’t control people or events.

What do you do when you feel that tightness in your jaw, that knot in your stomach?

I had a situation this morning that left me feeling completely invalidated. It happens.
Very rarely thankfully, but it does happen.

I sat with it, I felt it, I meditated on it, breathed into it, accepted it and then…

I let it go.

What do you do with those raw feelings?

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