Ever wonder? I have been wondering lately. I’ve been saying “mine”, “my”, “I” and “me” too much lately.

Its amazing what doing a few little interviews does.
It makes you realize how you have defined yourself.

I love the press don’t get me wrong… keep it comin’!
After all, this is yoga-land and teaching yoga is how I make my living so I do have to promote myself. I’d be crazy not to. If my classes are empty I’m not going to eat, plain and simple. But what I have been realizing lately is how I have been defining “myself” over and over again in a certain way, and by doing so I have been putting my happiness into the hands of something in which I have no control…
“I” am Lori Lucas and “I” am a yoga teacher.
If we label and define ourselves a certain way then what happens (and who are we), if it is all taken away? What if you label yourself a certain way, and then you get fired? Who are you then?

I have found myself putting too much stock into those things that are outside of myself lately.

Its all just a sign for me to up my meditation practice, thats all and it’s all good.

I’m still hoping for busy classes and will quite happily take any good press that comes along!
I am just going to check in with myself and keep an eye on my mind (the ego).
Thats all we really can do.We are all sooo much more then our passing thoughts and feelings throughout the day, as well as any labels we or anyone else puts on us. It’s important to remember that.

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