Do you do regular breast self-exams?

We want to be able to recognize any changes in our breasts as they come up if we can.
Nothing is fool proof, but whether you have noticed it or not our breasts change like the weather throughout our cycles and our lives.I was just up at the breast screening mammography clinic myself last week for a repeat mammogram and ultrasound due to some abnormalities in my own breasts (cysts). It happens to all of us whether we are aware of these changes or not. Our breasts are very busy through the month and always changing.
Make sure you Do them Get to know your breasts. Real well.

We want to do them throughout our lives, whether we are still having our periods, whether we have reached menopause, or any of the times in between. Including while pregnant, or if nursing.

-Check your breasts on a regular basis, (i.e. once a month)

-Check 5 to 10 days after your period starts so your breasts will be less tender.

-Irregular Periods? Pregnant? No longer have a period? Pick the same day of the month.

-Do not check more often than once a month, you might miss a change that is developing slowly.

-If you forget to check, don’t worry; simply check your breasts the next month.

Click on the picture below and it will enlarge.

*I get a monthly reminder send to me via email. You can too!

Click here

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