Heads up! Room change!

ahhh..bow pose. one of my faves.

we even have an outdoor patio!

After yesterdays class at Mt.Pleasant I decided to snap a few pics of our incredible new room!
We will be upstairs in Multi 2 starting in the fall and it’s official! Both daytime hatha classes and baby & me yoga classes will be up there (and they start up again Monday Sept 13 and Wed Sept 15)!

Registration is on now for all classes at Mt.Pleasant and The Roundhouse so get on it! classes are filling up!

Our old room was gorgeous, lets face it! Mt.Pleasant is brand new and doesn’t have a shabby room in the place, but considering these classes are during the day, and there is the construction outside, it made sense to move upstairs and this room is every bit as gorgeous! And it’s HUGE! And it is filled with natural light, and greenery out the windows, and get this…it even has an outdoor patio!

And the room is also…(shhhhh…very very quiet!)!
Looking forward to all of my fall classes starting up and to seeing you at yoga!

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