Thoughts On My Bike

On this Saturday morning I can’t believe I have already made tonight’s dinner, been to my community garden plot and gone for a bike ride, and it isn’t even 10 o’clock yet. I’m an early riser and this morning especially so. I like it though. I do it on purpose. It’s the only way I can think of to add hours to my day, and make my days and life, a little longer…
I’m weird I know. But it is absolutely true. Thats how I live.

Heres another video by Andre Dorfman made for a Tanya Davis song. I like these videos. You aren’t going to rock out to them, but they are sweet and often give you something to think about. Since I just got in from a glorious bike ride of my own, I thought I’d share. This video struck me as being a tad anti-car. Personally I love my bike, but I also love our cars (my partner and I are V.W. enthusiasts). I think there is a place in the world for both. Adventure and life awaits! Namaste.

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