This TED talk is only 3 minutes long

I am all over what this guy is saying here! Its easier said than done though (and that’s why its called a challenge I suppose). Currently I am on day 16 of a personal 30 day challenge of my own and it feels amazing on a whole bunch of different levels (including spiritual.) At first it was a little uncomfortable but now it feels incredible, and in some ways I don’t want it to end. Its priming me for my next challenge I am sure!

I have to challenge myself out of fear that I will go through my entire life without shaking things up too much because I could (that I know about myself.) I have become much more cautious in my life as the years roll on, and could very easily easily have the same routine day after day. For me its important to shake things up on a regular basis, and it really could be the smallest little thing.

Nobody even needs to know (its nobody’s business really).

It could be something as simple as taking a different route home from work each day! The simplest things can open us up in a whole new way I find.

I read a study recently that suggests we fear an unknown outcome even more than we do a known bad one and I believe that. Push past the fear and learn all you can about yourself. Its scary but I’m with Matt on this one. It is well worth it and tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Namaste.

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