A video I made last month at the Shanti Uganda Society’s Gala Do. This is VERY exciting stuff!

I have been both dreaming and awakening with thoughts about the Shanti Uganda Society lately. (Might be time to throw another fundraiser!) Or at least to get out there and volunteer at some festivals! Although the organization is never far from this proud Ambassadors mind I am just blown away when I think of what it must be like there. Its so incredible what this organization has done and continues to do in Uganda. Did you know that in addition to the many local birthing mothers who birth at the Birth house many other birthing women and new moms are flocking to the centre from from surrounding villages as well?

Have you been keeping up through their blog? There is really something new (and absolutely thrilling) happening all the time! And many ways to help and get involved. Both here and in Uganda! And it’s FUN!

Click here for updates from the Project Coordinator and here for volunteer activities.

Oh, and turn this video up LOUD! (my camera isn’t the greatest but what Natalie says is really, really exciting)!

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