Pelvic floor issues for men? Yup. you betcha.

Just last evening I looked in the faces of about 20 women and told them that even if they didn’t have babies/have a vaginal birth/wound up having a c-section/were a man etc. our pelvic floors can become compromised no matter who we are for various reasons. I looked at them point blank (the previous day I told even more…25-30 people easily) that even my own pelvic floor is changing and I haven’t even ever had a baby. I certainly wouldn’t call it compromised in any sense of the word thankfully, but at 47 it’s just a little different. And if you live long enough you’ll notice too that things just change a little bit. Its not bad and difficult to explain. The bottom line (pun intended haha) we ALL need to take care of our pelvic floors, thats all. Those muscles are holding our internal organs in there, babies in there, women use those muscles to push baby out if they deliver vaginally, and men too need to keep a strong and healthy pelvic floor to support the organs and core and spine just as we do because everything is connected. The latest research seems to speak of really strengthening the adductors and to keeping that lumbar curve while sitting. Saw this video this morning and thought I’d share. See ya at yoga! Registration is on. Namaste.

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