Have you registered for your workshops/classes yet?

The Vancouver Yoga Conference is coming again!


It’s from Thursday Sept 30-Sun Oct 3 and it does not disappoint!

It’s truly fabulous.

And in my opinion? It’s the best thing to happen in Vancouver all year long! (of course I am biased!) And if you are into Pilates there is loads of Pilates stuff too. (did a workshop with Margot McKinnon last year that was incredible and she’s there again this year)

$15 buys your 3 day show admission (from Friday-Sunday) and that includes everything that happens on the show floor. That includes 37 floor yoga garden classes and your admission to over 100 exhibits, demonstrations, live entertainment, and the list goes on.

As for me? I am pretty much booked up with workshops the entire time and love every second of it!

You can study or just practice (take classes) with some of the greatest! (I’m talking Seane Corne, Sadie Nardini, Martin Kirk, Maria Garre…and our very own Lou Lynn for kid’s yoga)!

I even did workshops with Rodney Yee last year!

Lectures, classes, immersions, literally whatever turns you on yoga-wise. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned yogi you will love it. Those classes are priced separately and if you register before the 28th are a steal at $19.99 per hr.

To register or see this years line up click here

I love this Conference and wait all year for it. I cancel my classes for the entire 4 days, months in advance (and thats a big deal as I am not one to even sub my classes if I can help it).

I literally camp out the entire 4 days and soak up as much of it as I can.

If you couldn’t make it for some reason but were interested in deepening your practice at any other point during the year, luckily we have some wonderful yoga studios throughout town that do a wonderful job in bringing in some master teachers from all over.
Namely Semperviva. Click here

I believe Shiva Rea is coming in December, as well as upcoming workshops with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, MarkWhitwell, Max Strom… just to name just a few.

We sure are lucky living here in Yoga-land!

Maybe I’ll see ya at the Conference! They may still be looking for volunteers as well should that be something you’d be interested in.

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